Bihar Man’s Inspirational Journey: From Egg Seller to UPSC Success Story

NewsBihar Man's Inspirational Journey: From Egg Seller to UPSC Success Story


Imagine an experience marked no longer simply by miles travelled but via the sheer will to go beyond one’s situation. Manoj Kumar Rai’s story is certainly one of willpower and unwavering spirit. Born in a small village of Supaul in Bihar, Rai’s story is not pretty much clearing, certainly passed India’s toughest exam and breaking the shackles of destitution to script a story of need and tough work. This story takes us from the common-or-garden beginnings of selling eggs and cleaning floors to the hallowed halls of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Manoj Rai sell eggs 

In his initial days, Rai needed to sell eggs and clean floors to live himself. Yet, fuelled by ardor and endurance, he braved all the difficulties of his life.

Belonging to the small village of Supaul in Bihar, Rai confronted enormous poverty and adversity from an early age. Despite sizable challenges, he completed his education and later shifted to Delhi to earn money for his family.

After that, he shifted to Delhi, which for itself was difficult. Despite this, he persevered and did numerous small jobs like selling eggs in a cart and cleaning office floors. But Rai remained undeterred in his education. After that, he worked as a delivery boy and delivered objects to the Jawahar Lal Nehru University. He met a few students at Jawaharlal Nehru University who inspired him to prepare for UPSC.

The Turning Point: A Journey Towards UPSC

Rai’s turning point with college students at Jawaharlal Nehru University inspired him to start preparing for the civil services exam. The dream, however, became a ways from clean. Balancing jobs that slightly made ends meet with the rigorous demands of UPSC practice, Rai’s experience was fraught with challenges. Financial constraints and constrained access to sources made his training experience even tougher. Yet, Rai’s spirit remained unbroken. His technique for the UPSC exams became methodical and strategic, a stark comparison to the chaos that surrounded his everyday lifestyle. 

Manoj Rai offers free training. 

Balancing his studies with small jobs, Rai consistently prepared for the UPSC exams. Despite dealing with financial constraints and useful resource boundaries, he remained resolute in his pursuit. After numerous unsuccessful tries, Rai adopted a strategic method, meticulously overlaying the syllabus and strengthening his foundational knowledge. This determination culminated in fulfillment when he cracked the us examination in 2010, securing a commendable All India Rank of 870.

He is inspired by his own life struggles, and decide to give free coaching to disadvantage students, whose life is also same as his 


The journey of Manoj Kumar Rai is inspiration for us. He starts his journey from small journey and now become the Civil servant by crack UPSC exam. With his life struggles, he used to sell eggs and make small amount of income. But with his dedication and willpower, he passed through all difficulties and make his life successful. He is inspiration for all, who wants to overcome from their life barriers and fulfills their dreams. 

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