Licence of SP MLA’s petrol pump cancelled by the Authorities

NewsLicence of SP MLA's petrol pump cancelled by the Authorities


Lucknow: After bulldozing the petrol pump of SP MLA Shazil Islam, not the authorities cancelled license and no objection certificate to it. Shazil is the same MLA who came to news after making a remark of bullets few days before.

The DM of Bareilly said that, a conditional NOC was given to the owner of the petrol pump but he wasn’t able to fulfil the conditions so it has been cancelled. DM has also written to the authorities of Bharat Petrolium Corporation Limited to take the necessary action in this matter.

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Islam came to news after he allegedly remarked against CM Adityanath, if he makes noise then the SP guns will fire bullets not emmit smoke. Though he clarified that he was talking about the position in the lower house of the state where opposition is in better state from the past. Now if CM makes remarks like he did in the past then the reply from the opposition side will be like a bullet shot. He meant of words, not the exactly bullets of guns.

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