Cops ice two Maoists carrying over Rs 40L reward

NationalCops ice two Maoists carrying over Rs 40L reward


Fierce gunfight continued throughout the night on Tuesday; they were found dead in the morning; an injured Maoist ran away

Balaghat/Bhopal: Two Maoists were shot dead after a fierce gunfight with the cops of the Special Operation Group, Hawk Force, in the forests of Motinala in the Supkhar area on Wednesday morning, official sources said.

Another Maoist was shot at and injured but he was able to run away. The area where the gunfight took place lies on the borders of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh and is adjacent to Chhattisgarh. The Maoists, who were shot dead, were identified as Ganesh Marawi and Rajesh.

Both of them were commanders of Bhoramdev Area Committee PL 2. An AK 47 rifle and a self-loading rifle were seized from their possession.

According to official sources, 19-year-old Rajesh aka Banjam was a resident of Sukma in Bastar under Pal Gundam police station. There was a reward of Rs 3 lakh on the head of Rajesh in Madhya Pradesh, Rs 12 lakh in Maharashtra, and Rs 5 lakh in Chhattisgarh.

Another Maoist, 27-year-old Ganesh, was a resident of Sakin in the Narguda area of Maharashtra’s Gadhchirauli district. He was the commander of zone coordination committee, official sources said.

There was a reward of Rs 3 lakh on his in Madhya Pradesh, Rs 4 lakh in Maharashtra and Rs 5 lakh in Chhattisgarh. In this way, a sum of Rs 12 lakh was announced as reward on his head.

As the Maoists were planning to celebrate PLA day from December 2 to 8, their activities intensified in the area.

On getting information about it, a team of Hawk Force began to rifle through the forests of the Supkhar area at night.

Just as the team neared an outpost of the forest department, the Maoists lying in wait began to rain fire on the police team.

The cops welcomed them with a barrage of bullets.

The gunfight continued throughout the night and the bodies of two Maoists were found in the morning.

The police were searching for the injured Maoist, said Farid Shapoo, director general of police, anti-Naxal campaign

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