6 Amazing Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Education6 Amazing Tips for Successful Email Marketing


Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the most important forms of promoting a new brand or an existing company to its stakeholders. The best part of email marketing is that it is easier and quicker to send emails than sending physical emails or posts. Automation tools, technological devices, and innovative forms are used to deliver emails directly to people’s inboxes. Here are some tips to make email marketing wiser.

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1) Write short and crisp emails:

Nowadays people really get tired of reading long emails. There are so many unread emails in people’s inboxes and that’s the reason, it is important to keep emails crisp and short. You can write emails of 60 words minimum and a maximum of 200 words. 

2) Include images and links of products or services:

You can include the links and images or guides of your products and services of low kb size. People really love visuals and information presented in an attractive manner.

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3) Include social media profiles links:

Nowadays people get confused and even afraid if they get mail from unknown or new brands. You can offer social media profiles and even news links in your emails. Some real positive testimonials from influencers in the industry or brand ambassadors will be really helpful. This will help to win the trust of people for your brand or company.

4) Include action points in your email:

If you really want people to do something after reading your email, make sure to include your own contact details. Don’t add an email or mobile number that is common to all. Leaving personal contact details will help the subscribers to contact and talk to a representative directly who is willing to solve their queries. You can mention when you are available to speak to them to solve their doubts or information related to your products and services.

5) Introduce email series:

Say if you have dropped an email to your subscribers on a Tuesday morning at the start of the month, make sure to mail them again after 10 days. This will help them to be in touch with you and get interested in your offerings. Don’t spam their mailbox with just listings of your products and services. Give them information about the industry, some statistics that will give them a real picture, the benefits of using the products and services, and how you can help them to stand out in the industry. Don’t stop after a couple of emailers, you can keep sending them emailers twice or thrice a month with a newsletter-type of format, and at the end, promote your brand and give them action pointers.

6) Address them with their real identities:

You may think sending a mass mailer will give you business. But the fact is when you know a person working in an organization personally and send them an emailer addressing them with their name and organization name, that will add more value. You have to ensure that your emails are personalized and do not just look spammy or over-promotional. This will help you to convert your leads to prospective clients over a period of time.

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