Bihar government has ordered random covid tests at airports, and railway stations

Covid-19Bihar government has ordered random covid tests at airports, and railway stations


Bihar: Following the Centre’s instructions, random covid tests would be conducted at airports, railway station bus stands, and other busy places in Bihar. The center has issued an advisory regarding the infection, state health officials said on Thursday.

According to the information received Additional chief secretary of the Health department Prataya Amrit held a meeting with the senior officials and the doctors, following which he directed to conduct of random tests to stop the surge in the covid infection.

China had recently observed a rapid surge in the infection, the country has even called a lockdown. Keeping the situation in mind the center has issued an advisory notice.

Notices to malls, cinema halls, and shopping centers have already been issued to follow proper covid protocols. The officials have been advised to conduct Rapid antigen tests in public places. Several other tests like RT-PCR and genome sequencing were also included.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav and the health minister said that Bihar’s health structure is competent enough to tackle the disease. He has further instructed his health officials to take proper measures. Following this, he said that all the details of the tests conducted will be uploaded on the website.

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