When life gives you Truth and Dare

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Life is the best teacher in everyone’s life. I mean even if you are a vella and don’t do anything for the first 30 years of your life, life will introduce you to some tough situations and people who will ensure that you slog for the next 30 years of life and build a reputation. Life is a journey but when there is a roller-coaster ride in this journey, that’s when all the surprises and shocks of your life will reopen. Instead of feeling insecure and helpless about life when there is a downtime occurring, how do you react to life in the best way possible is the DARE given to you by LIFE.

Same way, when things are going smoothly in relationships, at jobs, at school or college work, and in personal life, things hit rock bottom when some hidden secrets of the past get revealed on their own with the help of people or situations. At that time, how you react to the TRUTH given to you by LIFE will really shape your future course of action. So, will you take the DARE or will you speak the TRUTH is what matters the most?

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Or if you have to follow both TRUTH and DARE when the chance falls on you, then how well-prepared are you to face it all and do it all, will also shape your future. So, when you play the TRUTH and DARE game next time with your friends or kids, remember to be also prepared for what you will do when LIFE plays with you TRUTH and DARE.

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Will you let your current job go just because your present boss finds out that you had copied content from a website that doesn’t have search results on Google? Will you let your current partner leave the home just when she finds out that you had cheated on her with your exes when you met them on different occasions? Or will you confess your TRUTH and accept the DARING situations that you will be put into by LIFE?

Think about the good and worst-case scenarios. Because you really lose nothing when you confess the TRUTH. In fact, you become lighter from your heart and mind that would keep playing games with you all this while in the forms of guilt, resentment, anger, vengeance, etc. Same way, when your bank account gets an unknown debit transaction through an online mode, how do you react in such a DARING situation? Have you sourced enough funds in other bank accounts if one bank account gets shut due to unforeseen consequences? Or will you just be sitting shocked and knowing what you cannot do?

These are the lessons that actually you learn from your life. Even if you are a thorough planner, LIFE puts you in such truthful and daring situations that you never imagined. Say you met a friend who recently met with an accident and is bankrupt at this stage, will you mind breaking your FD for your long-lost friend that you had saved for your marriage or will you excuse your friend and apologize for not being helpful to him? Deeply think about it and then decide!

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