Creative ways to say I LOVE YOU to your partner

RelationshipCreative ways to say I LOVE YOU to your partner


LOVE YOU – these three words really make a difference in a couple’s relationship. However, those three words can be heartbreaking to listen to if not shared in a genuine tone and manner. You don’t want to give wrong signals to your partner by telling them I LOVE YOU often and yet not being there when they want you the most. You have to really mean what you are saying and doing when you are in a true and long-term romantic relationship with your partner. Here are some ways how you can express your LOVE feelings to your partner.

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1) Be transparent in your expressions:

Don’t go with a sad face and share with them the exciting news of your love. Same way, don’t go with an exciting face and start crying when you tell them I LOVE YOU. Your expressions matter the most to your partner because it is how you tell them that will help them decide if they want to settle down with you in their life or not. So, be relaxed and calm and share whatever comes to your heart in a romantic, sensual, and sizzling tone. You can practice a few one-liners that are too catchy and also hot to hear for your partner. If she blushes then you are halfway there but give them the needed time to respond to you.

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2) Don’t get physically intimate:

When you want to express I LOVE YOU for the first time to your partner, do not make it difficult or too intimidating for them. They don’t want to respond to you that they love you as well because they are scared that you will come closer or do something unusual to them. Instead, maintain that physical distance, but touch them emotionally with your eyes, your words, and even your hands full of roses or flowers of their favorite color. You can also get them a gift or take them for a ride before you share with them your love feelings.

3) Give them time to think:

If your partner has been your best friend and this romantic move of yours was completely unexpected by them, then don’t shock them by wanting an immediate answer. You can narrate to them how your best friend in her became the love of your life. You can also give her the reasons why you feel in a particular manner and why it is more than just physical attraction or emotional attachment. You need to give the clarity that you are not just his best friend but someone without whom you cannot imagine your life. You can put on some romantic songs on your mobile that are quite soothing to her ears before you confess your feelings.

In conclusion, you need to be confident when it comes to your approach. There are certain gifts that your girl would love the most like teddies, coffee mugs, bracelets, keychains, greeting cards, gift vouchers, etc. that you can try to explore to give them on the day you express your love for the first time.

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