What is the ideal way of celebrating Navratri?

LifestyleWhat is the ideal way of celebrating Navratri?


Well, RESPECT WOMEN and promote GENDER EQUALITY in contemporary times and that is the ideal ritual of celebrating the festival of Navratri. India is full of festivals, different customs, traditions, and rituals. But when it comes to understanding the hidden meaning behind each ritual and custom that the country celebrates in every region differently, there is a lack of awareness.

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And it is due to this awareness lack that people do not really do what they are supposed to do in their lives. For example, if you might have noticed when the festival of Navratri started in India, everyone got busy with what the festival offers. People follow the rituals and traditions that vary from region to region. A lot of songs dedicated to various forms of Goddess Durga are played on different streaming platforms and music channels.

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People wear different traditional attire and perform the customs as per their community to mark the festival of Navratri. But when it comes to the “why” we adore the Goddesses during Navratri, many people think that they are just following what they are told about. There is still an understanding and learning problem in which men still underestimate the contributions of women not just in the workplace but also in their households.

There is still a baby girl crying to live a longer and healthy life when at her home, there are discussions by the elder members of the family about how to get rid of her so that they can give birth to a male child next year. There is still a seat at a school that is left vacant because her parents decided to not allow her to continue her studies. There is still a position at an office vacant because a woman’s family members are ignorant to send her to the workplace and allow her to pursue her career after marriage.

There is gender inequality in India always. For example, if you notice an advertisement that was earlier bagged by a female heroine who got replaced by a young male hero because the female heroine is getting aged and no one likes to see bad looks on the screen. So, why is this happening despite people getting literate all over the country? Well, it is not just uneducated or poor classes who are not willing to understand the importance of women’s empowerment.

There is an ignorant and arrogant rich classes in India as well who are just not willing to allow the female members of their families to enjoy their rights and lead their lives independently. Yeah, so when it comes to women empowerment and gender equality, there is no particular community or income class responsible.

People from all over the country need to realize the importance of honoring women and treating men and women equally all over the world. Yeah, you read it right! So, let us not underestimate the sweat and hard work of the female maid who has been slogging really hard for your family to put food on the table. At the same time, let us not underestimate the female boss by accusing her of pay disparity. Think about these facts this Navratri and make a change in this world.

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