Valmiki Jayanti 2023: Know the Story

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Valmiki Jayanti is observed as the birth anniversary of Maharshi Valmiki who was one of the writers of the most important and famous Indian epic called Ramayana. Yeah, you read it right! If you are able to watch movies and series based on the story of Lord Rama and even read several books that have been written on that, then all credit goes to Valmiki ji who had originally written Ramayana thousands of years ago.

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Here is a story of how Valmiki came upon the idea to write the epic book. One day Valmiki who was born as Ratnakar met sage Narada Muni. Before that he was working as a thief who used to rob people and even kill them. However, when he met Narada Muni, his life changed for the good because Narada Muni asked him to chant the word Rama. But Ratnakar was not able to chant the name Rama despite trying to do so many times. Thus, Narada asked him to say the word Mara, which means die in Hindi, and when he repeated the word many times, it became ‘Rama’.

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His penance of chanting Rama continued for many years and so much so that even anthills formed around him. Lord Brahma became happy with Ratnakar’s penance and gave him the blessing to be named as Valmiki.

During the penance of chanting Rama, it was believed that he also got the learning of scriptures from Narada and thus, went on to become Maharshi Valmiki. When his new life began, Valmiki became empathetic by the sadness of a female bird upon the demise of her partner and that’s when he spoke his first shloka and his writing journey started. However, when Lord Brahma gave him the work of writing Ramayana, his real purpose in life started.

Rama is one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu and more than the God, the word Rama itself holds a great spiritual significance in infinite times. As per the epic book Ramayana, Lord Rama met Valmiki when he was in the period of Vanvas or exile. Then he gave shelter to Sita Maa during his hermitage when Rama abandoned her. Kusha and Lava, the twin sons of Rama and Sita were born in his shelter and he taught Ramayana to both of them.

The birth anniversary of Maharshi Valmiki is observed every year on Ashwin Purnima as per Hindu lunar calendar. This year, the date is 28 October 2023 to celebrate the event of Valmiki Jayanti.

On the grand occasion of Valmiki Jayanti, let us get the blessings and perform good deeds for a blessed future. Happy Valmiki Jayanti 2023 to you!

Maharishi Valmiki’s life tells how he overcame all his evil energies and walked on the path of goodness. It teaches us the importance of humanity and finding our true potential while we help others in need.

Happy Valmiki Jayanti to you and your family.

Shri Ram aur Maharishi Valmiki Ka ashirvad sada aap aur aapke parivar par bana rahe. Happy Valmiki Jayanti 2023 to you.

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