This Dussehra let us bring alive Lord Ram inside us

LifestyleThis Dussehra let us bring alive Lord Ram inside us


This Dussehra let us bring alive Lord Ram inside us

We like movies where heroes beat up the villains and the story has a happy ending. But in reality, a human being has both good and bad sides inside him only. The world’s worst woman or a man can never be evil to their own children, that is the power of parenthood. Even when Kaikeyi was the reason Lord Ram lived in exile for 14 years, she also had a good side of a mother to make her son Bharath the king of the empire. 

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Although we think Amrish Puri was the biggest on-screen villain of Bollywood, yet when he was a off-screen person he was quite jovial by nature who showed his evil side to the public only as an actor to entertain them. So, when people accuse a person to be a devil or daayan, remember he or she is at the end of the day a human being too. There must be some reason that made them take such extreme steps in their lives.

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This Dussehra, let us all accept the fact that there is something good and something bad inside each one of us. And let us kill the Ravan inside us which comes out at times unknowingly or knowingly to harm self or others. Many times we too fail or do some unintentional mistakes that we were not prepared for or the situation made us do so. So, let us forgive ourselves for the mistakes and ask Lord Rama who lives inside our hearts and minds to drive us in the future course of life.

Let us attain all the qualities of patience, courage, tolerance, honesty, loyalty, and peace of Lord Rama inside us this Dussehra, and let us throw all the bad qualities of addictions, hatred, jealousy, revenge that puts us down in front of our own eyes and that of others. Let us kill the Ravana inside us and celebrate Lord Rama inside us, the goodness inside us, and help us lead a good life always.

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