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Living in the world of fake news and fraudulent people

We live in a digital era. Like everything has become online, not literally but the majority of our personal and official work has found a space in the online world. This “online thing” is really drifting us apart from the real world of humans who cry, laugh, enjoy and get sad. In the world of humans that we lived till we reached the onset of the 21st century, we had many struggles and inspiring stories that made us believe in the power of truth, honesty, loyalty, and above all, humanity.

Copper plate inscription on Sabarimala fake: Vijayan

However, as the digital boom came and people started connecting with others on Facebook and WhatsApp, bosses communicated with their employees on emails, the human touch, and human feel has literally lost. Nowadays, we hear and even see a lot of fake news about people being spread on the internet like lies that have no origin. However, not everyone is or can know the difference between fake and real news.

Kim jokes she divorced Kanye because of his ‘personality’

Even the term “fake news” written on an image that was shared earlier as a lie, seems to look fake nowadays. People have so many questions in their minds but with families reducing to two or three persons in a family due to the coronavirus pandemic and also the break-up of joint families in India, youngsters turn to Google or Yahoo baba for the answers of their curious minds. With so many websites sharing different stories about the same person, it becomes really difficult to know whom to trust and what to believe.

Just take for example any trending topic which talks about the pros and cons of a person or a thing and how people interpret and misinterpret the same information in different ways and present the different opinions in the form of different websites and blogs that appear on the search results. How to clarify if even what we are reading about a fake man or thing or incident is true or not, is really a question that will bother people’s minds for years to come.

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