How to make Lord Ganesha’s idol at your home?

LifestyleHow to make Lord Ganesha's idol at your home?


How to make Lord Ganesha’s idol at your home?

Devotees of Lord Ganesha are all set to welcome Ganapati Bappa to their homes. Ganesh Chaturthi brings a lot of happiness and peace in one’s life when done with utmost trust and patience. As we all will be witnessing the grand festival of Vinayaka Chaturthi from 31st August this year, here are some ways to prepare eco-friendly Ganesha idols at home.

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1) Take some amount of black soil from your garden area or any other place where you find the soil is clean.

2) Now you can clean the soil with the help of cloth by removing any sort of stones or pebbles. You will get filtered fine and soft soil.

3) Take cow dung and mix it with the soft soil.

4) Now slowly add homemade or desi ghee and honey to the combination.

5) Mix all the ingredients so that you can create dough.

6) Now from that dough, you can create Lord Ganesha’s idol. 

7) You can watch YouTube videos to know how to create the idol with the right shapes of Lord Ganesha’s face and body.

8) If you are not good at making figures with the dough, then you can buy clay from the market and also a cast that will give you a Ganapati shape.

9) Now you can dry the idol that you have made at home through clay or the soil dough. After the idol is dried, you can use colors to give your Lord Ganesha’s idol a beautiful look.

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Here are some Vastu tips collected from the internet to do your Ganesh Chaturthi pooja:

1) If you have created the idol of Lord Ganesha, make sure to keep it on a higher surface like a wooden plank.

2) Keep the Ganesha idol in the northeast direction of your home.

3) Do not keep Lord Ganesha’s idol in the south direction of your home or even on the steps on the staircase as it is not considered to be good.

4) For decorating your Ganesha idol, you can use things like lamps, Kalash with rice, kumkum on the idol, turmeric, sandalwood, lamps, fruits, and vegetables among others.

Here are some flower decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi:

1) Marigold flowers: If you like plain and beautiful marigold flowers, then you can use them to cover the table or plank where you have kept the Ganesha idol. Marigold flower garlands are quite common among Hindus and they are a sign of the sun. They bring positivity and brightness to life. 

2) White roses: If you like white roses, then you would definitely know the importance of bringing purity and loyalty to the surroundings. 

Most common flowers used for the decoration and pooja of Ganesh Chaturthi include roses, mogras, orchids, lilies, marigold, red hibiscus, lotus, daisies, and even bhel and dhruva. For bhog or neivedya, you can prepare modak, kheer, motichoor laddus, puffed rice laddus at home and offer them along with bananas to Lord Ganesha as they are His favorite.

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