Foods To Never Have With Tea!

LifestyleFoods To Never Have With Tea!


Lifestyle Desk – Indians can imagine a day without a cup of Tea. Their breakfast or evening snacks are incomplete without a cup of tea. But, you should be aware that there are some food items you should avoid eating with tea.

Yes! you can’t eat anything with tea as some food item blocks the nutritional value when you consumed them together. Also, it can cause problems like bloating, constipation, and indigestion.


Foods To Never Have With Tea

Eating besan pakodas with tea can cause indigestion. Many of you usually served tea with these snacks but from now on avoid it.


Foods To Never Have With Tea

Lemon is citrus in nature and you should not combine lemon with tea leaves. It may cause bloating and make you feel ill.


Foods To Never Have With Tea

Drinking tea with food items containing turmeric can lead to stomach problems like gas, acidity, or constipation. This combination makes your body’s health worse.

Green veggies

Foods To Never Have With Tea

Don’t ever combine green vegetables with hot tea as tea consists of compounds called tannins and oxalate which prohibit the absorption of iron.


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