Know here the rare health conditions of Bollywood film actors

EntertainmentKnow here the rare health conditions of Bollywood film actors


We think the Bollywood actors and actresses really live a problem-free life where they get everything they want and they just don’t have to struggle for anything in life. But that’s not the case with all Bollywood actors and actresses who are on the top ladder of their careers. Many Bollywood film stars have come out in the open by sharing their struggle stories in terms of their health and how they are fighting their health issues despite shooting for films and ad commercials. Here is a list of those stars with a huge fan following who have shown their vulnerable side to their audiences without feeling shy or ashamed.

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Varun Dhawan

During the promotion of his new film Bhediya, Varun Dhawan shared his challenges dealing with a health condition called vestibular hypofunction. It is a health issue that causes an imbalance in people. It makes people feel dizzy due to the inner ear part of the balance system not functioning properly and sending error messages to the brain. He shared with the media how he had shut down recently and wasn’t much aware of what happened to him. He pushed himself so hard as if running a race and nobody is asking him why. He shared how he is trying to find his true purpose in life and also hoped others to find theirs in the due course of time.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha who shocked everyone with her divorce news with Naga Chaitanya earlier this year has been dealing with a rare auto-immune disease called myositis. She posted on Instagram a picture of sitting on a sofa with her hand having an IV drip and then she wrote a long message to update her fans and followers about her health struggles. She had written how accepting the vulnerability of having myositis is something that she is still struggling with. For the unaware, Myositis is a condition that makes muscles weak and also makes the person suffering from the disease feel tired and weak. 

Fatima Sana Shaikh

Epilepsy is something that this Bollywood actress has been struggling with. She got this health issue since the time she shot for her debut film Dangal and how it has affected her personal and professional lives. She shared that she is trying to overcome the disease with medication and workouts. It is one of the reasons she has slowed down her work in the film industry. However, she also expressed being fortunate to get enough work to do with talented people. Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder that makes the brain activity abnormal and causes times of unusual behavior, losing awareness sensations and seizures.

Yami Gautam

This beautiful Bollywood actress shared about suffering from Keratosis pilaris. Her diagnosis of the condition lead to rough patches and small, acne-like bumps on her skin when she was a teen. She had to live with the condition as there was no cure for it. However, after dealing with it for several years, she expressed how she has decided now to let go of all her fears and insecurities. She has now found the courage to accept her weaknesses and also share her truth in the public domain like Instagram.

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