Day 1 box office receipts for Vidyut Jammwal’s film “Crakk”

EntertainmentDay 1 box office receipts for Vidyut Jammwal’s film “Crakk”


The movie got off to a good start in India. Starring in Crakk are Amy Jackson, Arjun Rampal, Nora Fatehi, and Vidyut Jammwal. In India, the movie with Vidyut Jammwal in the lead role had a successful debut at the box office. According to reports, preliminary estimates indicate that Crakk made Rs 4 crore net in India on its first day of sales. Aditya Datt directed the thrilling action thriller Crakk.

The film’s review states that it’s clear that Crakk wants to appeal to a specific niche that enjoys these extreme sports and action, rather than just inviting all those who love adrenaline to enjoy the kick. But in the process, it overreaches and diverges numerous times. I am not sure if Crakk will encourage young people to try extreme sports and pursue them as a career, but his fans, known as Jammwalions, will undoubtedly not want a mind-numbing experience that prioritizes physical strengths over intellect on the big screen.

Arjun Rampal, Nora Fatehi  and Amy Jackson are the main cast in the movie. March 23 saw the release of Crakk in theaters. A statement describes Crakk as a man’s journey to the forefront of extreme below-ground sorts from the Mumbai slums. Reliance Entertainment is in charge of presentation, while Action Hero Films & PZ Pictures, Vidyut Jammwal, Parag Sanghvi, and Action Hero Films & Team are in charge of production. Adi Sharmaa and Aditya Chowksey both  are the producers of the movie.

Vidyut had previously stated,” With Crakk, my goal was to create the greatest sporting action thriller in Indian cinema’ in reference to the movie. I am appreciative of the amazing group of people who made this dream come true. Our heart-pounding visual extravaganza is designed to enthrall viewers and leave them clamoring for more.

Bollywood has a tendency to favor scenes with mindless action that occasionally lack any punch. And Crakk: to stand out from the crowd, Jitega to Jiyega doesn’t take any unique actions. The film incorporates a lot of extreme activities with action to add novelty value and set itself apart from other action films, but the storyline never feels fully convincing and the narrative lacks depth.

Too many cliches are used by director Aditya Datt to have real effects, and ultimately none of them connect. Crakk made it apparent right away that its main aim is to dazzle rather than make an impression. But even so, it struggles for the most part. And one main thing is that the movie should show the disclaimer that if displaying different stunts on screen there should be warnings messages because there are a number of heart-pounding sequences.


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