Lok Sabha elections: BJP vs. AAP-Congress alliance

NewsLok Sabha elections: BJP vs. AAP-Congress alliance


According to Mukul Wasnik, the Congress has decided to run for the Chandigarh seat following a lengthy debate. On Saturday, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party formally announced their alliance for the next Lok Sabha elections. The seat-sharing arrangements between the parties for Delhi, Gujarat, and Haryana have been shared. The Congress will run for 24 seats in Gujarat and the AAP for 2; the Congress will run for 9 seats in Haryana and the AAP for 1; in Delhi, the AAP will lead with 4 seats and the Congress with 3 seats.

Gujarat has 26 seats in the Lok Sabha. On April 24, Congress will contest. In Bharuch and Bhavnagar, the Congress general secretary and MP Mukul Wasnik announced that the AAP would field candidates for both seats.

Ten Lok Sabha seats belong to Haryana. Congress will compete on September 9. He went on,” AAP will field candidates for the one seat in Kurukshetra.”

The Congress will compete in Chandni Chowk and North East West seats in Delhi, while the AAP will run in New Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, and East Delhi. According to Wasnik, the Congress has decided to run for the Chandigarh seat following a lengthy debate.

The Congress will run for both Lok Sabha seats in Goa.
Regarding Punjab, where the AAP ousted the Congress in 2022 and established a government, the two parties remained silent.

Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of the AAP, declared earlier this month that his party would run for all 13 Lok Sabha seats in Punjab.

Old rivals in Punjab and Delhi, the AAP and Congress, ran together in the mayoral elections last month in Chandigarh and prevailed thanks to the Supreme Court’s action.

After announcing the alliance, AAP MP Sandeep Pathak stated, “The country requires an honest and strong alternative.” The country is currently experiencing injustice towards farmers; the BJP government is dismantling institutions one by one; elections are being stolen; opposition leaders are being imprisoned to win elections; and the people of the country suffer from inflation and unemployment. We formed this alliance with that in mind, putting aside our personal political interests in favor of the good of the country. The nation always comes first, and the party comes second.

He went on, “India is going to vote in this election; it will not be battled in the way that Congress will dispute from here and AAP will dispute from there.

The two sides are currently in talks about a possible agreement in Assam. The alliance politics have been dubbed opportunistic by the BJP. Ramvir Singh Biduri, a leader of the Delhi BJP, told the media that although there is a dedicated trust between the Congress and AAP, their decision to form a partnership is nothing more than opportunistic politics.


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