What to do when your Resume is “NOT SHORTLISTED”

EducationWhat to do when your Resume is "NOT SHORTLISTED"


As a general rule, when candidates apply for jobs, they expected to know what is the status of their applications. If they are shortlisted for the job, then they feel elated but when the update comes in their email inbox that “YOU ARE NOT SHORTLISTED” for the role, something hurts in our minds and hearts. It is obvious that when one is looking for a job, he or she wants to give their best. And even after giving their best in the preliminary rounds of interviews and also working hard to make the CV stand out when the notification pops up about not being shortlisted for the role, it really spoils the day for many.

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Here are ways how you can control yourself and still look ahead in your career when you are not shortlisted for the job role.

1) Don’t take it personally:

Companies receive a lot of candidates’ applications who are better or worse than you. But in the stipulated time, if the company where you have applied is going ahead with someone else’s application and not yours, then don’t feel bad or sad. It is a human tendency to keep breaking our heads when we face rejection. But at times, something is beyond our control and we should just accept the fact as it comes. We need not make an in-depth analysis of why it happened that your resume didn’t get shortlisted whereas your friends or known people are getting job offers. Instead, you can think about ways you can present yourself well in the next job interview.

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2) Work harder next time:

When rejection appears on our faces, we usually feel that we are less adequate. We get a lot of negative feelings and doubts about whether we will ever get a good job or not. But remember there is always a next time or second chance. And the more you try harder and work smartly, the more you will discover chances of getting better opportunities in terms of a job in your life. So, don’t lose hope on seeing “NOT SHORTLISTED” status in your job applications, and work more in the positive and successful direction to get a job.

3) Rewrite your story:

You may have fumbled in the previous job interview or you may have shared certain things about your past job experiences that are still not relevant in the industry. So, why don’t you scroll through the videos on YouTube and find out how candidates give better and smarter responses to the jobs? It will help you to break the next interview and even get better job opportunities if you improve your convincing and communication skills. You can delete the not-so-relevant job or academic experiences from your CV and stay focused on what the interviewer is looking for in the prospective employees.

Finally, you need to change your attitude if that has been a too emotional or touchy one. One or ten rejections really cannot break a successful person and that attitude should be developed by you. So, even if an interviewer next time writes to you in person or speaks to you to your face that you have fewer chances to get the job, respond to them with a smile and up your worth.

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