How to get back to work after the Diwali vacation?

EducationHow to get back to work after the Diwali vacation?


Everyone likes to enjoy the Diwali holidays with their friends and family members. However, when the vacation ends and it is time to get back to work, then people don’t like the idea. Many times we get frustrated and even bored getting back to our offices after spending a lovely time with our family and friends during the Diwali vacation. Here are some tips on how you can look fresh when you report back to your office.

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1) Consider your vacation as a time to get refreshed:

Instead of thinking that why the Diwali vacation has ended and why you have to take your office bag and start to go to work, it is better, you think that those holidays were meant for your refreshment. It was a short break that was much needed so that you can focus on your office work with better results. Do not compare your office life with your vacation days because it would be unfair. You need to be professional and not keep playing the game of comparisons in your mind of how relaxed you felt while on vacation.

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2) Come back to terms with reality:

I am sure your boss would have a big to-do list that he wants his employees to get done before Christmas or New Year’s eve arrives. So, instead of thinking again about your Diwali holidays, family time, friends time, etc., it would be great if you live in the present moment. Your present moment is what you are doing in the office right now. So, you need to train your mind to come back to reality and stop daydreaming or thinking about your past holidays.

3) Buckle up so that it doesn’t become too late:

There would be many clients who would want to see your work or performance. If your company has a lot of piling work and you are the reason behind the delayed work, then it is better to start working rather than your manager coming to you with a firing letter. It is always good to think about the positive memories of your past but if it is hampering your present, which is a way to create a better future, then you need to fasten your belts and put your performance caps ON.

4) Write down what is left and what is ongoing:

You can create a list on Notepad on your PC or in your book wherein you mention the things that need to be delivered at work immediately. If there is a project that is currently in progress and doesn’t need your attention, then put it in the list down so that you can tick off all the piled-up work one by one and make your manager or boss happy.

Even if you are in no mood to report back to work, as a professional, you need to think about the lives you will be impacting if you decide to extend your Diwali vacation by a few more days. So, get back to work, complete your tasks, and then enjoy the coming weekend with more fun and entertainment.

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