What is Emotional Control?

Concept of the DayWhat is Emotional Control?


Emotional control is a type of self-control that is quite needed in today’s times. Emotional control can be taught as a skill to the ones who don’t know to manage their emotions well. For example, usually kids are taught how to manage their emotions since their childhood. But some kids struggle to be emotionally controlled as they grow older. Emotional control, that’s why is the most important trait that helps a person become successful in life.

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For example, Natasha had low control over her anger emotions which led to her breakup. Even after the breakup, she was not able to forget the past and live in her old self of hers wherein she expected her ex-boyfriend to pamper her despite being in a no-relationship. Natasha couldn’t come to terms with reality because she had no safe upbringing in her life. Her parents were no more and she lived with her cousins who cared less to help Natasha control her anger and emotions.

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Eventually, Natasha went for psychological counseling wherein she was trained to use her anger as a weapon to become stronger in life and not as a spade to attack others verbally. Natasha realized the difference between controlling emotions and expressing her emotions as they are. She started counting from 1 to 100 whenever she felt angry about certain things in her life that she couldn’t change. Slowly Natasha overcame the anger emotion and controlled it whenever she felt frustrated. 

On the other hand, Rehan had a lack of control over his laughter. He would become happy even in tiny to smallest things that at times, landed him in major trouble. Even when his teacher would scold him to control his laughter which would be too big of a sound in the class, he couldn’t understand the difference. Yes, laughter is the best medicine but when Rehan grew up he couldn’t stop laughing even when he was sitting in an interview with top professionals. 

For every serious question asked, Rehan would smile and answer them. This irked few of the interview panelists who thought Rehan was mentally unstable to laugh at even serious interview questions wherein he was getting grilled like anything. Rehan wanted to quit the habit of laughing loudly in all situations and thus, he tried to calm himself down whenever he felt he wanted to smile or laugh. He counted from 1 to 100 and controlled his laughter so that others didn’t get affected by the same.

Emotional control is thus, not just for negative emotions but also sometimes if positive emotions are expressed in the wrong situations, can land the person in major trouble. If you are having trouble controlling your emotions, make sure to learn how you can get rid of the habit of being too emotional. Maybe you can train yourself well and understand that your emotions are not needed in certain situations in your life and how you can reverse the situation to your favor by managing your emotions.

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