What is a Screwed-up Emotional person?

Concept of the DayWhat is a Screwed-up Emotional person?


Screwed-up Emotionally or Emotionally damaged or Emotionally messed up is a term that is used to describe how a person feels after facing emotional hurt or problems. Emotions are varied such as happiness, anger, shame, fear, guilt, sadness, and most importantly love. However, when a person undergoes emotional hurt and pain, he finds it difficult to trust others. Moreover, he feels easily angered when others don’t listen to him or do what he expects or hopes. This Anger is a sort of pain that is expressed in order to get hurt again.

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When a person says that he is Screwed-up Emotionally, he means to express that his emotions are not under his control. His anger toward someone doesn’t mean he hates the person but it is his way of expressing his care and concern. When Sahil asked his co-worker Veena for a date night out, she was surprised because she always thought that Sahil hated her. Sahil always pinpointed work mistakes as tiny as possible of Veena and asked her to redo the projects even if it means her sitting late at night.

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Sahil confessed that he never hated her but it is his obsession for perfection that made him express his anger toward Veena during work projects. Sahil also shared how he never had good friends because whenever he felt he has got a good friend, they would leave him seeing his possessive and obsessive-compulsive traits. Veena understood that Sahil was an emotionally damaged person and he just needed to learn how to express his emotions the right way so that people didn’t misunderstand him further anymore.

You may want to know if a Screwed-up Emotional person can change his behavior and the answer is yes. But it takes a lot of patience and training of the mind so that the person maintains cordial relations with others and doesn’t mess up them again after the relationship is formed. Emotions are too delicate matters and need to be handled very carefully. But if a person expresses sadness when he is actually happy, then he really needs to be shown the difference between the different forms of expressions of emotions.

For example, Murli always taunted his children for scoring 95% in exams and compared them with students who scored 98% marks. Murli’s children thought that his father never loved them and thus, they developed a kind of resentment toward Murli. But Murli was very happy himself that his children were performing so well and his taunts and criticism were only to ensure that his children overperformed well in the exams the next year.

Murli was really an emotionally damaged person because his way of expressing emotions was always misunderstood by all his relatives and even friends. Thus, Murli lead a lonely life wherein he had no person to talk to whenever he needed them the most. Because whenever Murli would open up about his feelings about his loss and pain, it would sound like accusations against others, which people had low tolerance to listen to.

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