What to do if your partner regrets having you in her life

RelationshipWhat to do if your partner regrets having you in her life


If your partner has been facing negative feelings and questions about why she got married to you and what is the future scope of your relationship, then read on. Many times couples go through a rough phase in their relationship that is actually a test that they need to overcome. If your girlfriend or wife has been time and again, questioning you about your behavior towards her and regrets being married to you, then know what has changed. Here are some ways to overcome the relationship crisis.

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1) She always criticizes you for the way you are:

If your wife keeps asking you what you are hiding on your mobile phone and how the relationship is going nowhere, then something has really gone wrong with her. It may be either due to your recent decisions or behavior in your life with her or it may be some sort of work or personal stress that is making your relationship a bigger target. So, instead of feeling overwhelmed when she criticizes you for farting or putting on weight or drawing a lesser salary compared to her friends, or not living up to the expectations of her parents, you just take a chill pill. Sometimes overreacting can cause trouble to the relationship in such a way that it cannot be repaired. So, you can better stay silent or ignore her nasty comments that come your way all the time she is at home.

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2) Try to bring a change in yourself:

Probably your wife needs the much-needed break in the relationship wherein she has been doing some home duties or being a good wife to you all the time. So, instead of expecting a morning coffee in bed, you can probably be the one who gets up early for a few days and gets her breakfast and coffee in bed. Become the changemaker and try to be a good husband as much as you can – not because you are afraid of losing her but because you want to try new things in life and why not inter-changing some responsibilities that your wife always shoulders for you?

3) Don’t allow her to go to extreme thinking:

Whenever she gets this negative thought of divorcing you or living separately from you, you can calm her down by saying that things are changing and she need not take such extreme steps for nothing as a cause. If she is not getting the sexy and steamy nights that she expects from you always, then you can share how you have been hitting the gym to stay in shape and get back to your active sex life. Never say never and tell her giving up is not an option with you.

4) Convert your regret into an opportunity:

Whenever she starts this old baggage of drama wherein a lot of insults and name-calling are involved, you don’t have to start crying or getting angry with her. Instead, you can help her think of all the positives that you both can do to make the relationship work. Give her the confidence to transform her regret into a beautiful marital life ahead.

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