Do you think 40 is too late to change a career?

EducationDo you think 40 is too late to change a career?


Well, it is difficult for those who think it is impossible to transition from one career to another at the age of 40. But those who have a “CAN DO” attitude will overcome this challenging phase as well and will emerge as winners with a lot of effort and smart strategies. If you are in your 40s and are really dissatisfied with your job and present profession, here are some amazing tips.

Inspiring Quotes of Sai Baba to improve your Career

1) Talk to close friends about your career decisions:

Being in your 40s doesn’t really make you old or mid-aged. After all, 40 is just a number. You need to have an open mindset when it comes to revealing your age to someone whom you know for ages. So, even if you recently celebrated your 43rd birthday as the Manager of XYZ company and you are disclosing the real facts of how you feel unhappy about your job with your friends, they will surely understand. True friends will really come to your aid and help you in this career transition. Those who are egoistic and too practical about life will definitely dishearten you by asking you to grow up and leave the career-change thoughts behind. So, this phase will surely open your eyes to whom you call friends and what they think about you honestly.

When one job ends, it is time to restart a new journey

2) Ignore the criticism:

Say, you were earning a fat salary of 1 lakh per month all these years and suddenly your career change is going to bring you a home of about 40 or 50,000rs per month or probably lesser than that, there will be many voices that will tell you to stop taking this career decision. Like you will have to face harshness from your family members who won’t even support you thinking insecure and unsafe with your new career choice. You will get calls from elderly family members who will question you about your sanity and financial stability. Whatever comes your way, learn to face them with bravery and boldness. 

3) Grow up as an individual and leave your childish fears:

If you think the world is full of good people, you will really have to think twice when you announce your decision to become something else than what you are in your profession now. It is not that the world doesn’t support dreamers and doers but it has been so that people are used to planning everything in advance. No one likes to experiment with their careers especially after reaching the top positions. You can simply grow your thoughts up and remove feeling threatened by your childhood fears of getting accepted and recognized in your career moves. Make smart strategies by consulting a good career counselor on how you can bring back the same amount of money from your new profession and how many years will it take for you to reach there. 

If your new profession is something that even a career counselor has no idea about and you are the first person to have such an amazing idea, then boss, just do it! You can definitely keep two years’ time with you to try, fail, get up, try again, fail, get up again, and one day succeed and shut all the nasty mouths who once said that you cannot do it because of your age!

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