Important Career Tip: There is no substitute for Persistence

EducationImportant Career Tip: There is no substitute for Persistence


When you are taking steps towards climbing up the career ladder, what is it that you think you miss out on that makes others move faster and you remain stagnated? It is nothing but their persistence and dedication to their work that makes them continue their work even if they face opposition or challenges on the road. When Shriya was asked to leave the job because she was repeatedly not able to complete her targets, she didn’t quit. Instead, she asked her manager to give her more time so that she can fix her shortcomings and work on the targets with full focus and energy.

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On the other hand, when Riya was asked to leave the company because of the same reason, she faced rejection and immediately wrote a resignation letter. It was not that Riya had another job in hand or backing from her affluent family. In fact, it was Riya who was in more need of finances and having a stable career than Shriya but she decided to give up so soon that no one could imagine.

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When she met Shriya, she didn’t understand what efforts did Shriya take to save her job. Shriya asked her manager to give her three months’ time and she will ensure to give her 1000% at the workplace. Shriya gave up all her other side businesses and part-time studies and personal work to stay persistent in her current job. Even when Shriya’s co-workers used to keep mocking her for her low-language skills and inability to use the computers well, Shriya remained calm and patient.

It was her persistence to stay in the same company, keep learning new things no matter how many times she made mistakes, and be the willingness to let go of her hobbies and distractions that led Shriya to grab a better post in the same company after a year’s hard work. When she spoke to Riya after a year, Riya was still struggling to find jobs because she gave up easily and didn’t fight back when she was opposed by her family or people in the workplace.

If you really want to move ahead in your life, you must ensure to listen to your heart, stay updated with the latest trends, and also keep your undivided focus on your goals. You cannot keep accepting failures and rejections in your life and keep playing the victim card always. You need to unlearn a hell lot of things that are pushing you to stay back in life and not enjoy the successes that others are enjoying.

At the end of the day, it is your willpower, flexibility, the strength of personality, perseverance, and passion to succeed at all costs despite the dire situations of life that will matter and nothing else. Opportunities lie everywhere but how you perceive each chance that you get and convert it into a winning possibility is what will define your career path. Otherwise, from the above two persons’ stories, you can decide whether you want to keep just trying or stay persistent and keep winning in your life.

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