What is Refutation?

Concept of the DayWhat is Refutation?


Refutation is the action to deny something. It is to not acknowledge that something is going through or something has happened to them. Refutation’s other meanings are contradiction, counterstatement, denial, negation, retraction, and disclaimer, among others. Refutation is a person’s ability to refute or deny his health issues or come to terms with reality.

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For example, when a young woman lost her husband who was in his 30s, she was in refutation or denial mode for almost a month. She couldn’t believe that her husband is no more and kept telling all her relatives that he would return soon from his work trip. It took a lot of time and convincing power of all her family members that death is inevitable and her partner’s loss didn’t mean the end of her life and she should think about her future without her partner.

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Denial also happens when a person simply refuses to admit the truth. For example, when a maid who worked in an elderly woman’s home stole 10,000 rs when other family members were not present, she denied the truth of the theft. When the family members got to know that the money was stolen, they asked the maid if she knew anything about the theft. They also took the help of their relatives to interrogate the maid who denied for almost 10 days that she was not the one who stole the money. Later, she accepted the truth and returned the money the next month.

When a person is in denial, they try to protect themselves from the painful truth at the moment. Short-term denial is at times okay because humans are not born hard-hearted. However, if a person lives in denial mode for more than a year or two, then counseling is required for such a person. For example, a college student denied that he required extra classes for learning accounts. He lied to his parents that he fared well in all his subjects because he was not able to tell them the truth. Thinking that his parents would be hurt or worried, he kept denying that he needed more attention in his studies. This unhealthy attitude landed him in major trouble when his final year results reached his parents’ home. They saw the results and were shocked to see the poor grades that this chap got.

Denial can be healthy and unhealthy. It depends on the situation if the person denying the truth or reality is good or not. For example, when the coronavirus pandemic occurred, people were in denial mode that they had to live in a restricted manner. They thought that the pandemic will get over soon and it is just a small phase. People denied feeling hurt or affected till they started reading the news of crores of people dying due to the coronavirus risk factors. 

Sometimes people get into denial mode when they are facing a huge trauma or stressful situation. For example, when an elderly woman was asked by her doctor if she was facing any worries or problems in life, she completely denied the same and asked the doctor to not disturb her further. She did so in order to avoid getting any treatment or tablets.

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