How to say NO to exhausting work projects

EducationHow to say NO to exhausting work projects


Work projects are quite exhausting and tiring if they are done by you alone without getting much support or assistance from others. For example, if you are a people-pleaser, I am sure you would be always working in your company and trying to complete all the projects that your boss or team gives to you often and at regular intervals. However, if you are someone who is considering these work projects as an opportunity to learn and grow then no issue. But in case, some work projects are just too time-consuming and difficult to manage all alone, here are ways to say NO to them.

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1) Be assertive and gentle at the same time:

Sharing how challenging it becomes for you when you complete a task that is too much time-consuming and mentally straining will be quite easier for you than working on the project with resentment and frustration. You can declare to your boss or manager that you would be able to complete the time-consuming project only if you are given the necessary support of interns or team members or more time and resources. You can also explain how it affects your mental health if you keep working at the office late at night more than once a week. Also, you can show examples of how the productivity of your other projects gets hampered when you take up a difficult project for a client.

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2) Be willing to help your manager in finding a replacement:

If your manager agrees with your viewpoints and doesn’t give you the exhausting work project, then be willing to help him or her in getting a team to do that work project. It is important to save your job and be in the good books of your manager. You need to see a win-win and also help your manager get a good replacement who has the tactics and talents to get the project done on time. Do not add negativity to the new team members by telling them how much you suffered in dealing with that exhausting work project. Instead, you can tell him or her that you will always be available by mail or calls to assist them in case of any doubts or queries. This will make your boss understand that you are not denying to work but just willing to make it work for both parties in a profitable manner.

3) Brainstorm new ideas and be open to work:

Now if your manager doesn’t really get a good replacement for that exhausting work project and it comes back again to you only with the expectation that you will put in the extra effort to complete the same, don’t feel sad or threatened. Instead, you can share new ideas for completing that project with your client or boss and be willing to give your weekend time in compensation for a better job title or some benefits that can be mutually discussed by you and your HR manager or boss. At times, some opportunities really can be created if you think from a flexible mindset.

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