What is Internal Strategy?

Concept of the DayWhat is Internal Strategy?


Internal strategy is a type of marketing that deals with the promotion of the organization’s products and services along with its objectives to employees within the company. The aim of internal strategy is to improve employee engagement with the organizational goals and also promote brand awareness.

What is a Marketing Gimmick?

Some examples of internal strategy efforts are creating awareness among the employees about the organization’s short-term and long-term goals, and values, making employees get educated about the company’s policies, helping employees to open up about their views on the present leadership, opening discussions with employees about possible collaborations and accepting criticism and recognition at the workplace.

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Internal strategy is also done through the company website, online activities such as social media fanpages or profiles, posting jobs and promotion opportunities on the company website and other job listing websites, promoting company benefits, perks and also organizing work-life balance activities, introducing training, development and learning sessions for employees on a regular basis.

There are several benefits of internal strategy. Some of them are listed here. Internal marketing helps to build a strong company culture that promotes positive engagement with the employees, higher employee satisfaction, and retaining the top talent at all phases, provides better customer service to customers and external clients, better productivity of employees and more sales, employees also promote the brand and advocate for the same.

Here is an internal strategy story of a company. A medium-sized company that had 100 employees in different departments celebrated every festival of the year with full vigor. The HR department had ensured to gift every employee with the company’s made hampers like logos, flags, watches, pens, accessories, and notepads with the stamp of the company. The employees were happy as they got those days off from work and also were able to discuss openly and in a friendly manner with employees of other teams. There were also quiz contests organized to know the level of awareness about the company’s goals and objectives, thus making each employee become educated about the same to participate and win a bigger prize.

There used to be a stakeholder meeting once every month wherein the top employees of the organization came together to meet the clients and important customers. In this meeting, there used to be an informal session wherein the company’s products and services were reviewed in a light manner without major criticism. This helped the company to collect feedback about its products and services and thus, made them bring about innovation and improvisation.

The company also organized a job drive on college campuses for potential employees. This helped the college students get to know the company better and also show interest to apply for jobs in their last year of graduation. It also helped to spread positive word-of-mouth publicity from the graduates who were hired by the company in various entry-level positions and some were also offered internships.

Internal marketing’s characteristics are integrated organizational structure, strategic marketing plans, human resources management, employee engagement, participation by the higher or top management, and also internal brand communication.

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