What is AI Stress?

Concept of the DayWhat is AI Stress?


Well, the term is new and doesn’t really yet have a dictionary or meaning to it. AI Stress is based on my own personal experience of how I felt to leave the field of content writing when I got to know what AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence can do to me and my professional life. AI, as the name suggests, is a set of tools that are quite advanced, and progressive, and can do multiple things at a time that can reduce human or manual work.

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AI tools are several in the industry and every IT-related company is now working towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-related models and tools. This trend to innovate in Artificial Intelligence came in the last 10-15 years after the world started accepting the man-made world of the internet, computers, laptops, and smartphones. AI stress is the inability to cope with the tools that AI brings in terms of personal and professional lives.

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For example, if you are an academic coordinator and ask your students to fill up their Resumes and Cover letters on their own and they end up giving you the same using AI-based technology. You become really stressed because you really don’t like the idea of students just copying and pasting from AI-based tools while they can have their own original ideas to write about their achievements and the reasons they want to join a particular industry or company.

You end up first disliking the whole process of how AI is spoiling young minds and making them lazier. You also cannot control the access of AI for students and thus, your frustration level increases because nowadays, anyone with an internet connection and knowledge of how to use Google’s Bard or OpenAI’s ChatGPT or any AI-related website or tool can generate an instant document or assignment or project or anything related to content.

This inability to control others, especially your students, makes you more depressed. Another reason you hate AI is that you may not have the skills and capabilities to understand how AI works and how to use it for your own benefit. You hate the idea that things like writing, editing, sharing ideas, drafting, etc. have become so easier that professionals with years of experience are not needed for the coming generations.

Thus, AI stress is how you understood from the above example. It comes for several reasons to people who are professionals or non-professionals as well. For example, a homemaker mother asks her child to study for the exams and do homework with full transparency whereas, the child uses random AI tools and gets the work done, and shows it to teachers and other classmates. This not only sets a wrong impression on others about the child’s knowledge and capability but also goes the wrong way in getting good grades and recognition in schools.

Thus, the stress related to Artificial Intelligence can be managed only when we come in terms to reality sensing that AI will be everywhere and anywhere and we have to manage to live with it, just like how the 19th and 20th centuries learned to live with innovations like TV, computers, etc.

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