Bharti Airtel shares sold by Warburg Pincus for Rs 1,649 crore

BusinessBharti Airtel shares sold by Warburg Pincus for Rs 1,649 crore


Warburg Pincus recently announced that it has sold shares of the largest telecom company Bharti Airtel for Rs 1,649 crore via an open market transaction. Lion Meadow Investment Ltd, an affiliate of private equity company Warburg Pincus released the shares of Bharti Airtel.

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As per the block deal information available with the BSE, Lion Meadow offloaded 1,90,00,000 shares, accounting for a 0.32 percent stake in Bharti Airtel. The shares of Bharti Airtel were disposed of at an average price of Rs 868 apiece, making the average transaction size Rs 1,649.20 crore. The shares were received by funds/ affiliates of US-based financial services company Capital Group in 11 tranches. With Warburg Pincus’ initiative to sell Bharti Airtel shares, it seems to be known how the company progresses in the long run. 

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About Warburg Pincus:

Warburg Pincus is the globe’s leading private equity company and has some of the highest returns on a consistent basis in the industry. It is a global investor and has offices in 10 countries. It has an AUM of more than $80B. Its plans include private equity, real estate, and ventures along with different geography-focused funds.

The company has got huge acknowledgment for its work in developing countries including India and China. Warburg Pincus also has a strong analyst program and is one of the few companies that directly recruit people who have graduated from their colleges. Warburg Pincus has over 55 years of expertise in developing world-class businesses, and growth investments across the world. The company is headquartered in New York City in the USA and its Chief Executive Officer is Chip Kaye.

About Bharti Airtel Limited:

Bharti Airtel is headquartered in India and was founded in July 1995 as a public limited company. It is a global communications solutions company with more than 491 Mn customers in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. The company has got the ranking among the top 3 mobile operators in the world. It has networks that cover more than two billion people. Airtel is India’s biggest integrated communications solutions provider and the second-largest mobile operator in Africa. Bharti Airtel Limited, which is most known as Airtel, is a multinational telecom company located in New Delhi. It has 48,600 employees. The company’s owners are Bharti Airtel, Singtel, Bharti Global, and Free Float.

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