Unveiling the Power of Endoscopic Cameras in the Uttarakhand Tunnel Mission

UttarakhandUnveiling the Power of Endoscopic Cameras in the Uttarakhand Tunnel Mission


Recently, the first video clip came from the under-construction tunnel in Uttarakhand. Forty-one workers are still trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel after the collapse on 12 November. The video clip gives relief to families of trapped workers who have been waiting for their rescue for more than 1 week. The video clip shows the workers wearing white helmets and yellow dresses, getting food items through pipelines, and talking with each other. The credit for the video clip goes to the endoscopic camera that made it possible to get a video of a 6-inch pipeline in the tunnel.

What is an endoscopic camera?

An endoscopic camera is a high-quality camera used to perform medical procedures in the human body. It is one of the best and most demanding technical devices. Medical doctors use the endoscopic camera to inspect the internal joints, organs, and cavities of the human body for treatment and diagnosis purposes. The modern endoscopic camera uses the ” chip on tip ” technique, where images are captured by a miniature package integrated into the device. 

Why did the rescue team use the endoscopic camera? 

The endoscopic camera works well because of the integrated device in it. It illuminates the targeted area with LEDs attached to the top and permits better visuals. The visuals are projected on a medical large-scale screen or stereoscopic console. In the case of the Uttarakhand tunnel, the endoscopic cameras are used by officials and use wire to take the pipeline shape through which it was going and give the proper visuals to see workers. 

The rescue team used the endoscopic camera because of its miniature size and shape, which allowed them to pierce with a narrow opening through the pipeline. The endoscopic camera also makes clear in visuals that 6-inch pipelines are used to insert into the tunnel and send food items to trapped workers. This pipeline was also used to send charges and mobile to workers. 

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Benefits of endoscopic camera in rescue 

The endoscopic camera arrived late in the evening of Monday from Delhi and was sent in a tunnel through the pipeline. The workers can seen clearly in the video clip released by this camera. It gives such a big relief to workers’ families who wait for their rescue. The video generated by the endoscopic camera shows that workers are fine in the tunnel and get the proper food and essentials through pipelines. The workers are also seen conversing with each other. 

The director of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited ( NHIDCL), Anshu Manish Khalkho, states that cameras will installed by pipeline to monitor the situation of workers. 


The endoscopic camera is sent in the tunnel by a 6-inch pipeline with the help of an expert. The rescuers asked the trapped workers to pick up the camera. If everybody is ok, show yourself on camera, raise your hand, and smile. Do not be anxious; we will reach out to you soon and rescue you, said officials through the camera. This is how the camera helps officials to connect and talk with trapped workers and give them hope.

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