In garb of victim, Auraiyya SP puts her officials to test

Uttar PradeshIn garb of victim, Auraiyya SP puts her officials to test


A woman rang the emergency number 112. She says that she is Sarita Chauhan and a band of armed men has escaped with her personal effects. A team of policemen at the control room reaches the spot and begins an inquiry. As soon as they finish the queries, they get the shock of their life. The woman in civvies, with her face covered with dupatta and sunglasses, was none but their boss, superintendent of police Charu Nigam. The policemen, however, passed the test

Auraiyya (UP): A woman frantically calls up the emergency number 112. It is the control room number for such SOS calls from the highway. The emergency number promises help within five minutes. The woman frantically says, “Hello, I’m Sarita Chauhan. A band of armed robbers made off with my personal effects.”

The police team noted the woman’s complaint and continued their inquiry for an hour. They also checked the two-wheeler which the woman was riding. As she sported sunglasses and covered her face with a dupatta and a mask, the policemen could not see her face. Just as the policemen finished their inquiry, they got the shock of their life. The woman was none other than their boss, Charu Nigam, superintendent of police, Auraiyya.

According to a tweet by the police, she wanted to check the “response time” of the local police and found it “satisfactory.” A video clip of the officer riding a pillion on a bike, searching for the right spot to conduct the “test” went viral on social media. The video clip shows that the officer was talking over the phone on an isolated part of a road.

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