What is a Control Freak?

Concept of the DayWhat is a Control Freak?


A control freak is a person who has this obsessive need to control themselves and others and take charge of any situation that they are in. You might have seen how children accuse parents of being control freaks or even girlfriends insult their boyfriends to be control freaks. It is because people who are control freaks usually have this habit to get things done only in their particular way and that’s why they make people do things as per their wish or command. 

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Here are some signs to spot a person having a controlling personality. Control freaks usually have the habit to correct others. For example, if you write a sentence in a particular manner and your boss tells you that he wants the sentence to be written his way – which means both means the same – but the words have to be arranged in a particular order, then you can realize you are working with a control freak. Control freaks are mostly critical and judgemental about others. For example, a mother-in-law would always keep taunting her daughter-in-law about how she used to lead the house in her times with fewer expenses and how the daughter-in-law fails to do things perfectly and get the house matters going. Control freaks fail to work in teams because it is either their way or no way. It means they never understand the needs of other team members and always put forward their views as a priority over others.

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Control freaks fail to recognize the efforts of others. For example, the manager took the credit for the success of a project on his shoulders but the fact was that the entire team worked late at night to launch the project on time. Control freaks don’t have the patience and even the guts to accept when they are wrong. It’s their insensitive behavior toward others that makes them get a bad reputation and thus, they are not admired by others even if they have any good qualities. Control freaks think that what they know is the best for any situation and that’s why they fail to gather more information about what is real and happening in the world.

People who are control freaks usually suffer from anxiety and personality disorders but it is not that huge and thus, a controlling personality doesn’t come under any personality disorder. Control freaks like to handle things in their own way and that’s why they don’t trust others and assign tasks to others. If you are suffering from a controlling personality or know a control freak, here are ways to break free. 

Accept that you cannot change your personality as a control freak all of a sudden. Also, if you are working with a control freak, then know that you cannot please them forever because a control freak would always find flaws and minute errors. Knowing your rights and drawing boundaries will help you suffer less if you are living or working with a control freak person. Remember everyone is unique, so you need to come out of that perfect personality idea from your mind to accept control freaks as they are.

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