45-year Drunker son hides mother’s dead body for 5 days

Uttar Pradesh45-year Drunker son hides mother’s dead body for 5 days


A heinous crime was reported in Gorakhpur where a 45-year-old son hid his mother’s dead body under the bed for 5 days. The incident happened in Shivpur-Shahbazganj.

According to the information received a foul smell was experienced from the house after which the neighbors complained about it. After getting the body the police sent the body for post-mortem.

The deceased was identified as Shanti Devi who died at an age of 82, whereas her son was identified as Nikhil Sharma who was her only son. Shanti Devi was a retired teacher. The neighbors also complained that Nikhil always used to argue with her mother for money. He was also recognized as a drunker in the locality. When the police enquired about the reason behind hiding the body Nikhil replied he had no money for the funeral.

According to the information received Nikhil’wife and his son also stayed with him but were fed up with his intoxicating behavior and left the place two weeks ago.

It was also reported that the house was rented but the tenants had to leave because of the man’s behavior.

According to the information received Sp. Of Police Manoj Kumar Awasthi said that the man is mentally not sound and alcoholic. Further, he was quoted while saying that “We are waiting for the post-mortem report before we begin further investigations.”

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