Things to do back home after a hectic flight journey

TravelThings to do back home after a hectic flight journey


Flight journeys are quite hectic if you are traveling for long hours and also the place where you live is far away from the airport. If you are feeling quite tired and have a bit of a headache after you are back from the flight journey, be it domestic or international, here are some interesting tips for your aid.

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1) Switch off your mobile for a while:

You can send a message to your loved ones that you have reached back home safely. Also, inform them that you will unavailable to receive any calls or messages on WhatsApp as you are on a break from your mobile. Once you are done with that, you can either keep your mobile in silent mode or switch it off. You can also keep it for charging if your mobile is having a low battery.

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2) Get a hot shower bath:

You can get into the bathroom and fill the bucket with lukewarm water or get a hot shower bath with a head bath too. It is important that you freshen up yourself so that you can take rest well. Make sure to not take bath in cold water even if you like it so much. Also, change your clothes once you are back from traveling. You can handwash your worn clothes or just put them in the washing machine.

3) Sanitize your handbags and luggage:

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is at low risk, there is a hidden threat out there. Especially after traveling from a place that is hugely visited by lakhs of people every day, it is important to get your bags and luggage sanitized with a cloth or with sanitizer spray. It is advisable to wash the bags as well if they are made of cotton, if they are of leather material, then you can simply clean the bags with a piece of wet cloth.

4) Get your favorite drink and snacks:

Whatever time you reach back home, even if you had eaten on the flight, it is important to eat and drink something once you are back. If you are living with someone, ask them to prepare hot tea or coffee for you. Or else you can get it prepared yourself. You can simply eat some snacks like biscuits or cornflakes or just a bowl of curd rice. Do not eat any oily or spicy stuff because let this be something that can be digested easily before you go to bed.

5) Rest for some hours:

Depending on how much you have traveled and how tired you feel, it is important to go to the bed. Once you are in the bed, just close off all the switches and also keep a no-disturb alarm or reminder to your other family members. Sleep till you feel better and once you are awake, then you can switch on your mobile and see the latest notifications or watch your favorite series.

6) Take a day off the next day:

It is important to not work the next day to overcome your tiredness of the body and mind. You can work from home instead of traveling all the way to the office.

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