What is Melodrama?

Concept of the DayWhat is Melodrama?


Melodrama means creating a sensational drama that has a lot of exaggerated characters and exciting events happening to reveal the various emotions of a human being. For example, television serials are full of melodramatic events that have nothing to do with real life. You might have seen how the saas-bahu serials get a lot of TRPs when there are a lot of revenge plots introduced by the saas (mother-in-law) to ensure that the daughter-in-law (bahu) lives in suffering and gets separated from her husband sooner or later.

Two Sena MLAS’ dramatic escape from rebel camp

Of course, television serials are not in touch with reality but the way the serial makers write the dialogues and ensure that the characters talk a lot in anger and make a mountain out of a molehill is appreciate-worthy. People or the audience stays glued to the screens whenever there is a melodramatic event happening in the television series. Not just in serials, but even in real life, if the neighbors get to hear the screams and insults of a husband and wife living nearby, they enjoy the melodramatic scenes by overhearing the conversations.

England spinner Jack Leach withdrawn from Lord’s Test after suffering concussion

In a drama that was unfolding in a house, the man appeared to be the biggest villain because he withdrew the entire money from his dad’s savings account that he had earned in his lifetime. Although the man was not allowed to speak by his siblings and parents, it was quite melodramatic to note how everyone was insulting the man without allowing the man to open up about the reason behind the action.

Melodramatic events are also found in theatre plays where there is a lot of exaggeration and excitement even for small events of life. For example, when Riyona went to see a theatre play with her teenage friend on dealing with aged parents, she was surprised to find out how each character in the play talked it out loudly and expressed their emotions on a higher note in small pleasures of life. Love, affection, care, sadness, disappointment, happiness, anger, frustration, helplessness, crying, etc. all were the different emotions that were portrayed in the play with a lot of mirch-masala, which usually doesn’t happen in real life.

Because in real life, people try to keep control over their various emotions and ensure that they speak to someone in a calm and composed manner. Also, when it comes to expressing emotions that are quite negative by nature, people are trained to have self-control. They are also taught by offices or schools or colleges how to treat others in a disciplined manner. Whereas, if you meet people living in the village, they won’t have this self-control while expressing their emotions because they don’t follow self-control mechanisms. Some people in the villages may be too aggressive by nature while some may be too naive while some may be too orthodox to deal with, thus allowing people to see quite a lot of melodramatic people when they visit the townside.

Either case, being melodramatic never helps anyone in the long run and thus, people should manage to express their emotions in a subtle and gentle manner.

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