Lovely facts about traveling to Palakkad

TravelLovely facts about traveling to Palakkad


Kerala is really God’s own country. The state got its recognition among the world because of various reasons. Kerala is not just a word or name of the state but it is a feeling among the people who live in different cities and villages in the state. Palakkad is a place in Kerala that is special in its own way. Palakkad has both the city and village aspects in it. If you are a frequent visitor to Palakkad, you will surely enjoy reading these wonderful facts and also relate to them.

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1) Early to bed and early to rise:

People living in Palakkad seem to follow this rule quite seriously. You won’t find a lot of shops open if you visit Palakkad at late night hours. Like, when I went to a metal shop, I found staff over there packing their bags as soon as it crossed 7 PM in the shop. It means you won’t find people really working for you after 7 or 8 pm in several places as they will shut their shops and be home spending quality time with their families and going to their bed for a good night’s sleep early. When the sun rises, people don’t mind waking up at 4 am or 5 am and visiting the nearby temples or mosques to offer their prayers to the Gods and start their day with a positive and spiritual mindset.

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2) You can speak both Tamil and Malayalam:

If you know either or both of the languages, people living in Palakkad can communicate with you. Even if you speak in Tamil and ask for the route to a Malayalee guy walking on the road, he would try to understand what you are saying and guide you on the right path by speaking in Malayalam or Tamil or sometimes both. If you don’t know both languages, they will still try to help or assist you by speaking some words in English and even some signs. 

3) Greenery inside and out:

If you visit places like Peruvemba, Elappully, Kalpathy, Manapullikavu, etc. you will find so much greenery everywhere. You will be amazed to see the amazing plants, flowers, trees, small shops where you get different types of fruits, and vegetables, people walking on the roads, people farming, temples at every lane and whatnot! The green trees of different types will just make you want to stay then and there and enjoy the air that comes all the time throughout the day. You will definitely not complain about pollution or even the population there.

4) Yummy and lip-smacking vegetarian foods:

If you are really wanting to enjoy vegetarian foods, then definitely check out Hotel Hariharaputra, Mani’s Cafe, and Hotel Sri Bhavan, among others. These restaurants deliver food through online platforms as well, except for Mani’s cafe and you will surely feel great to have your breakfast or lunch, or dinner. But don’t reach late hours to have your lunch or dinner. Ensure to reach by 11.30 am to have your lunch and by 7 pm to have your dinner if you want to enjoy the different menus.

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