Know the Facts of The Ladakh Magnetic Hill Mystery

TravelKnow the Facts of The Ladakh Magnetic Hill Mystery


Know the Facts of The Ladakh Magnetic Hill Mystery

Ladakh is one mysterious place where every one of us would like to visit at least once in a lifetime. The bike riders often choose this place to enjoy the ecstasy ride here in Ladakh.

Meanwhile, Ladakh flashes in our mind as one of India’s mysterious lands, and local people themselves accept it. This is nothing but a small stretch of road located about 30 kilometers from Leh towards Kargil and is known as Magnetic Hill of Ladakh.

Know the Facts of The Ladakh Magnetic Hill Mystery
Image by Jeevan Singla from Pixabay 

The Facts of The Ladakh Magnetic Hill Mystery

–The enigmatic phenomenon is a magnetic force so strong that it can pull cars uphill. The airplanes which fly over this particular part of the region will automatically increase their altitude to avoid magnetic interference.

–Another concept is that optical illusion in neuroscience is where you see something that is not even there, or you might see things differently from how they physically are. As so many optical illusions recorded, there is this one known as Gravity Hill, which is the very slight downhill slope that appears to be an uphill slope. This is because our eyes and minds are used to using the horizon as a reliable reference.

–While there are so many scientific experiments to be done, here comes the myth for this particular part of the place. Local people believe differently, and as per their tale, there lied a pathway that led straight away to heaven. People who deserve heaven would be pulled up immediately, whereas those underserved could never make the path. 

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