How to make wise use of your travel camera

TravelHow to make wise use of your travel camera


This article is not meant to teach you any specifics of the technicalities of using a camera. It is meant to help you understand how wisely you can use your smartphone camera or actual camera so that your travel journey is smooth and filled with joy. A travel camera is one that we carry with us when we are exploring a new place or already going to visit a renowned place that we have visited several times. Using a camera during traveling is a sign that we want to capture each moment of our journey with the best shots.

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However, using too much of a camera or being too engrossed with our camera that we forget to create memories with our naked eyes is not a cool idea. So, that’s why I thought of putting a wise article on how you can capture what is most important and leave your natural self to gain better travel experiences.

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1) Know what you want to cover:

As you would already have a travel list to place, you must know in advance which places you plan to keep clicking and which places you want to simply enjoy with your natural senses. Don’t overclick something that is not required to not just show to others but even for your records. You would be wasting a lot of time if you go on clicking each and everything of your travel route and attractions. To put it simply, you use a camera to show people that these were the important places that you traveled to. There is no photography award you will get from others if you keep filling up the pictures folder on your laptop. So, make some informative decisions when you take your camera out and start clicking.

2) Be camera-free to places that you have already seen:

You might have seen a beach or a sunset or a resort or a playground with kids already in your life. So, why don’t you just chill and keep your hands free? In such moments that are already known to others and even to yourself, you can simply walk even without a camera. Make sure you see certain things with your eyes and ears open rather than always hearing the sounds of clicks of your camera.

3) It is okay to not be clicked:

If your friends or relatives ask you why you didn’t click on a particular destination during your journey, you can tell them that you wanted to click mental pictures rather than having them on your camera. Or you can simply click one or two pictures at each place and keep them in your folder to show to others, instead of having 20-30 pictures of each place. Know where to give a pose and which pose you want to be seen again and shown to others.

These are simple tips and tricks that any layman who is not fond of cameras will surely tell you. But being a camera freak, you may tend to avoid following these tips. So, why don’t you make a difference this time and be wise in your use of the camera this travel season?

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