You could also be a victim! Let’s discuss most common WhatsApp scams and how to avoid them

TechnologyYou could also be a victim! Let’s discuss most common WhatsApp scams...


WhatsApp has been consistently taking great measures for security but it still continues to be plagued by scams involving WFH job offers, KBC lottery wins, and many more.

Are you suddenly getting a lot of messages for work-from-home job offers via WhatsApp lately, with a package of Rs 20,000 per day? If your mind isn’t ready to believe it and thinks that it’s too good to be true, then you’re absolutely right. These offers are bait in the form of popular campaigns by scammers designed to dupe your money.

Some of the scam messages appear to be very obvious, especially the ones that declare you’ve won a big lottery, but some new ones that claim to offer Work from home sound realistic and convincing.

To help you fight these and protect yourself from being a victim, we have listed down the most common scams that are currently doing rounds :

Work-from-home scams
Electricity bill scam
The ‘KBC’ fraud
WhatsApp QR code scam

Read that again, we are very sure you would have received atleast one of the above messages and might have thought of them as a genuine message from trusted sources. Its not just you, many people in different parts of India have lost lakhs of rupees in the name of offers.
Now as you know it, beware and stay safe!

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