Good news for video game enthusiasts; Sony is reported to be doing a major redesign for PS5

TechnologyGood news for video game enthusiasts; Sony is reported to be doing...


Sony, a Japanese multinational conglomerate is all set to revamp the PlayStation 5. This redesign will come with a removable disk drive which will allow users to play games using a disk drive connected with a USB Type-C.  The redesigned PlayStation 5 is expected to hit the market in September 2023.

The PlayStation 5 series presently come in two varients – one with disk drive and the other is  “Digital Edition”.

According to some media reports, Sony might be planning to discontinue the Digital or Disc divide and is considering selling the same console with or without a drive rolled in. As a result of this change, it will become easy for the users to upgrade the gaming device with a disc drive in the future.

As per sources, this brand decision may lead to benefiting the UK, Canada, and Japan as the gaming console is exorbitantly expensive in these countries.

Sony may sell the disk drive separately – making the process easier and more convenient to  for gamers to  fix the console if it doesn’t read discs.

PS5 was first launched in the year 2020 and with the passing time the design has been changed a lot making it slimmer, lighter and smarter from the inside. However, it is difficult to spot any change on the outer side.

Gradually, the plan is to move video games away from physical media completely. For implementing the same, Sony and Microsoft have both released video game consoles that are digital-only, with Microsoft’s Xbox Series S supporting that role and Sony’s existing PS5 Digital Edition console enabling the same. 

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