Elon Musk Unveils GrokAI Chatbot as Open-Source, Throws Shade at OpenAI

TechnologyElon Musk Unveils GrokAI Chatbot as Open-Source, Throws Shade at OpenAI


Elon Musk, known for his work with SpaceX and Tesla, has made a big move in the world of computer brains, called artificial intelligence (AI). He’s shared his latest project, GrokAI, with everyone by putting it on a website called GitHub. This means anyone who knows how to work with this kind of technology can use it, change it, and make it better.

Sharing GrokAI with the World

Just a week after Elon said he would share GrokAI, he did it! Putting GrokAI on GitHub is like opening up a big, exciting toolbox for smart computer people everywhere. They can now take a peek inside, use what they find, and add new things to help GrokAI grow smarter in a world filled with big tech names like Google and Facebook.

Elon Asks Questions

Even though Elon is helping out with GrokAI, he’s also asking some tough questions to another group he helped start, called OpenAI. He wonders why they call themselves “open” when they seem to be more interested in making money these days. Elon even went to court saying that OpenAI should focus more on helping people rather than filling their pockets.

Elon was one of the people who started OpenAI back in 2015. But he left them in 2018. Since then, he’s been watching and sometimes not liking how they do things, especially how they work closely with a big company called Microsoft.

Now that GrokAI is out there for anyone to use, it’s like a new door has opened for making smarter AI. This could lead to all kinds of new discoveries and inventions.

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