Beware Of Fake OTP Package Delivery Scam!

TechnologyBeware Of Fake OTP Package Delivery Scam!


Tech Desk – One-Time Password or OTP started by e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. It is a delivery verification process where customers check their delivery package and share the OTP with the delivery agents to confirm the package delivery. But now, a fake OTP package delivery scam emerges.

According to the report, scammers reach out as delivery agents and ask people for OTP before delivery and once a person shares the OTP, the scammers get access to their sensitive data.

What is a fake OTP delivery scam?

Scammers are now targetting people who shop a lot from e-commerce websites, they keep an eye on individuals who receive delivery packages frequently.

After that, they show up as delivery agents from the e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. They ask for money that it is a pay-on delivery parcel and if you refuse it they act like they are canceling the delivery. In the process of delivery or cancellation, the scammer asks for an OTP. This is the tactic they use, people who don’t know about this give OTP or click on the received link on the phone, and boom you are in a trap.

They hack your phone get access to bank account details and steal money.

Another trick they play, approach the neighbors of the targeted person and ask them to call the person and give OTP.

This is how they play games, you should aware of it.

How to prevent fake OTP delivery scams?

OTP is sensitive so, never share OTP with anyone. If someone is asking for it then verify the person’s identity.

Never click on untrusted links.

Track your parcel and even make your family members aware of it.

Choose to make online payments for your purchases. Avoid, Pay on delivery process.

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