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Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie

Say no to negative self-talk

In today’s world, you will have plenty of people and media avenues tell you that you should ‘stay positive.’ What most people do not tell you is HOW. Positive thinking is known to have a direct effect on your stress levels. It is also a key tool to manage stress and ward off the health problems associated with a high-stress lifestyle. If you are not someone who has a positive disposition by nature, changing your perspective may seem difficult. It is like someone telling you to ‘just breathe’ when you feel like you are drowning.

If you happen to be a negative-thinker, don’t fret. Similar to most other life habits, positive thinking can be cultivated one thought at a time.

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What is NOT positive thinking?

Most people assume that thinking positive means ignoring the truth and realities of life. However, this is far from the truth. Positive thinking is looking at the most negative aspects of life with a positive mindset. Instead of approaching life’s problems with negativity, positive thinking ensures that you are looking at life in a more productive and happy way.

Why is self-talk important?

Even the most extroverted person has to spend some time on their own. While you may be surrounded by a crowd for most parts of the day, you are with yourself all the time, 24×7, even in your dreams. This makes self-talk the first bastion to conquer if you want to build a positive thinking habit.

Simply speaking, self-talk is the what you say to yourself within the confines of your head. They are automatic thoughts that flow like a stream inside your mind. If this involuntary, running commentary is negative or mean, a happy mindset becomes an impossibility. This is why you need to say no to negative self-talk.

Are you a negative self-talker?

Consider this, when you are faced with any life situation, do you focus on the negative aspects or what needs to change more than what is good? When something bad happens in your life, do you look for someone to blame, or worse, do you immediately blame yourself? Are you a perfectionist who believes that if it is not perfectly done, it is worthless?

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Turn your negative into positive

Cultivating the habit of thinking positive is easy but it takes time.

  • Turn the focus to your second thought – If your first thought is typically a negative one, turn your attention to the next thought. Replace the first negative thought you have with a positive one. Over time, your brain will learn to look at the sunshine.
  • Add some humour to life – Negativity cannot coexist with laughter! Be open to smiling and seeing the humorous side of the situation.
  • Focus on your health – From your nutrition to fitness and getting enough sleep, all of these lifestyle factors have a direct impact on your mind space.
  • Practice, practice, practice – Nothing worth keeping was built within a day. A habit like positive thinking needs to be practiced as much as possible to ensure that it becomes second nature.

But what if you fail? Breathe, and try again.

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