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Adopt a Meatless lifestyle

During the 19th century, men fought for their rights and wanted to overcome slavery from the rules and empires. During the 20th century, women fought for their rights as they wanted equal respect in society as men. In the 21st century, it is the voiceless animals who want to be heard and are fighting for their rights to not be killed mercilessly and become someone’s food. 

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International Meatless Day was observed on 25 November 2022 all over the world. The day is also called International Vegetarian Day. It was proposed for the first time on 25 November 1886 on the occasion of the birthday of Sadhu Vaswani who was the man behind encouraging people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and go meatless. Sadhu Vaswani was the person who believed in creating awareness and education among girls. He also stressed the importance of not harming animals and giving them equal importance in the world and making it a better place for them to co-exist with humans. 

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Every animal deserves a right to live and co-exist with human beings. As International Meatless Day or Animal Rights Day gives importance to the Stop All Killing concept. Through this movement, people are appreciated to go vegetarian and stop consuming non-vegetarian foods. There is a higher consciousness of eating vegetarian foods and going meatless through such movements. So, let us understand why going meatless comes with several benefits.

You can have vegetarian foods without having any guilt about harming animals. Because vegetarian foods have all the benefits and don’t need any animal slaughter for getting cooked or consumed. Whereas in non-vegetarian foods, animals are killed mercilessly and made food that doesn’t really help for good health. One can be proud of following a vegetarian lifestyle that has all the vitamins, proteins, and nutritious value. 

A vegetarian diet or plant-based diet includes vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, and legumes that are rich in fiber, nutrients, and vitamins. People who opt for a meatless diet generally consume lesser calories, and lesser fat, have normal body weight and also have a lower chance of developing heart disease or any major illness than people eating meat or non-vegetarian foods.

There is a separate kind of recognition and respect for people who are vegetarians. It is believed that people who have a meatless diet have lesser chances of developing any physical and mental illnesses because they work as per their natural surroundings. They are less egoistic and less anger-prone, thus making them great in their professions and leading a balanced personal life.

However, people who eat meat and non-vegetarian foods usually have the tendency to attract more negative emotions in their life because as they say “you become what you eat”. So, that’s why such people’s lives are usually messed up and they also lack enough patience and tolerance levels. Going meatless will also help you leave a positive footprint and promote an ethical impact. You will have fewer grocery costs and become a part of your new lifestyle that will slow-down the risk of developing any major illnesses.

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