Sunshine Sundays with Garima

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with Garima


“Darling, the power you need right now is patience.”

Patience is not just a word; it’s an emotion; try to feel it. As you start feeling it, you will realize its power. The power of accomplishing the world, it’s magic. Right?

Don’t be frantically puzzled by the thing; have patience, and everything will be alright. Seeing others doing well makes it difficult to calm ourselves. Our patience vanishes, we can’t see clearly, and we dump everything to make it happen. But is it worth it? Just do things right and patiently wait. Trust this “Apna Time Ayega.”

Love Your Dark Side Too

When you patiently work for the thing, you see changes in yourself. Things become easy, and you will find yourself in your calm area. That’s all you need. Think good and do what is right, and yes, don’t think, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why does it take so long?”. Remember, good things take time; you must give it time and make it perfect.

Shake a little bit, pack up yourself, and start working on it, whether you want to establish a startup or get a position in the company. Work! Work! Work! For it. There is no shortcut for anything; don’t try to find it. It will waste your time, and you will end up with nothing in your hands.

When you see yourself growing, every single day becomes special. Do you know what it is? Umm.. your patience paid off. Yes! Yes! This is the magic I am talking about. The magic of your patience level.

We use it as a word but never feel its power. This power is needed in this wild world where everyone wants everything by hook or crook.

The higher your patience is, the higher the level you can create for yourself. Your aura becomes stronger, and you don’t care what other people say or what they are doing. You are just in your world where you can control everything.

By reading this, many of you might think saying is easy, but what about implementation? We are the generation who were born short-tempered and want everything right away. OKAY! So this can’t be achieved in one day. It will take time. Work on your patience level every day. You can achieve it by meditation, reading books, and doing things that make you happy.

Patience is that power that not everybody can handle; be the one who can handle it perfectly. One day, you will surely break the glass and stun everyone. Remember that there is always one who is more unfortunate than you. Don’t be stagnant; work it and patiently wait to make it happen.


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