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Love Your Dark Side Too

“Dark side shows you who you are.”

Well! Everyone believes people have two sides, good and bad. But we only show our good side to the world as we are afraid to show our flaws. People might dislike us or talk behind our backs, and so on. Okay! That’s right, people can’t digest others’ flaws, and even you can’t have the courage to show them. 

The thing is, flaws make you perfect; you need to accept your flaws. That is the only way you can build up your personality. Loving your lousy side doesn’t make you wicked in people’s eyes. You love it; it’s inbuilt. You can’t take it away from you. So, it is better to express it instead of suppressing it. 

When you suppress your feeling, you are stuck in your body, frustrated, angry, or insecure. It all made you a negative person; you start hating everything. Listen, don’t suppress anything; say it. If someone finds it bitter, then let it be. After some time, they will understand, as we say, “Time Heals Everything.” Show the real you; trust me, everyone will love you. Because in today’s world, few people show who they are. The rest of them just put up a mask and sugarcoat themselves. 

Real you are rare. Remember that only some dare to show a real personality. Whether it’s good or bad, it is you. Don’t be afraid to show your flaws; sometimes, it makes you more unique. But yes, you need to be careful that your wrong side, or you can say flaws, doesn’t harm anybody’s feelings. If you want a person to love you unconditionally, make sure they love your flaws first. Because if somebody can love your bad side, then think how much they love you. 

Everyone has a bad side. Accept this; no one is born perfect here. But yes, you can control or can improve your bad habits. If you have an anger issue, try to control it; if you raise your voice without reason, try to calm yourself, and so on. Controlling your flaws can make you a perfect person. But it’s up to you whether you want to own and live it just like that. 

You can improve yourself day by day. It takes time, but it is possible. Turn your bad habits into good ones. It is not like that; you are not good, but improving yourself doesn’t harm you. Right?

Final Thought

Once you love your bad side, you see changes in yourself. Your mindset to see the world will change. You will accept yourself as you are. Please don’t wear a mask to make yourself a perfect person, nor tell anyone to change themselves. Accept them also as they are because “Real is rare and be the one.”


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