Think good and good follows during a relationship crisis

RelationshipThink good and good follows during a relationship crisis


“Oh, she hates me to the core. Look how she packed my tiffin for the office. It is full of oily and spicy stuff especially when I am advised by the doctor to not indulge in such foods. I really think that she wants to leave me soon. I need to speak to her and know why she has been behaving so weirdly with me,” said Shankar to his friend Kartik while they were having their lunch together in the same office canteen. Kartik advised Shankar to calm himself down as he has been overthinking lately and this attitude of his got reflected in the work reports as well, wherein he claimed that 70% of his team members were not performing as they wanted to leave the organization and join the competitor company.

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Kartik found that Shankar has been depressed of late due to several physical health issues that he had been diagnosed with. But the work demanded Shankar report to work and head his team as the clients were bombarded with a heavy workload. Kartik couldn’t replace Shankar’s duties at work because his role was completely different and neither can there be another person to step into Shankar’s shoes which made him quite apprehensive about his job. 

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Kartik spoke to his wife and asked if she could speak to Shankar’s wife and figure out what heated up the matters at her home that made Shankar behave oddly at the office and at home as well. Shankar’s wife revealed that he had been behaving in a suspicious and doubtful way at home as well and this all happened after he started taking sleeping pills for not getting enough sleep. Shankar had a 1 crore loan to be cleared by him in the next few years that ate him up slowly inside him and he was the only earning member of his family.

Kartik’s wife met Shankar’s wife and offered her to read some books on subconscious mind training to improve relations at home. She also advised her to dress well and also help Shankar realize how much she truly loves him through her kind acts as a wife. Shankar’s wife really felt relaxed by reading the motivational books that helped her to plan out how to get Shankar rid of the mental illnesses of anxiety and depression that he had developed of late.

When Shankar asked his wife what transformed her to cook as per his wishes and also what made her shower so much love towards him especially when they both were not on talking terms at all, she replied with a line saying, “Think good and good follows”. After Kartik’s wife met Shankar’s wife, she had been thinking of all the good moments that she and Shankar spent together right from the time they got married. She also read a diary that Shankar had written dedicated to his wife of how much he craves her love and affection that has been missing in the relationship. Thus, she decided to take the matters at hand and start working towards the relationship by positive thinking techniques on a regular basis. Eventually, Shankar’s life changed for the good because he and his wife focused on only the “GOOD THINKING PATTERNS”.

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