If your wife complains of being treated like a maid

RelationshipIf your wife complains of being treated like a maid


This is an alarming statement if it is coming from your wife, whether working or homemaker, that she feels like a maid to live in your home and in the relationship. It means you are simply doing something that is making her get into a low self-esteem mode. Maybe the way you are dealing with her or behaving with her in the recent past is one of the reasons she is getting into the darkest mode of your marital life. The solution for this is to COMMUNICATE OPENLY.

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So, if you are a husband who completely depends on your wife, it is cool only if your wife also likes that feeling to assist you in all aspects of your life. But if your wife is feeling that you are only using her for your wishes and goals in life and she doesn’t have any say in it, then you are simply burning your fingers on something that will lead you nowhere. So, what will you do differently to help her come out of this negative feeling?

What is Communications?

1) Involve her in all aspects of your life:

When you are at home, I am sure you would discuss all that you want in your home or in your personal life with your wife and expect her to contribute something to it physically and financially as well (if she is a working wife). But there can be other aspects of your life as well such as your social life, your personal goals, and the professional progress that you can share with her as a friend or companion and ask for her feedback. Even if you don’t follow her advice that is fine, but at least she will feel heard. She will feel that you are making her an important part of your life by giving her the liberty to express her views and not just give her some work to do at the home.

2) Introduce her to your network:

You may be on social media on many platforms. Your wife too may have some online profiles. When was the last time you commented or liked her online post? When was the last time you appreciated some qualities of her on your social media? Well, if all these are simply missing because you think it is childish these days, then let me remind you that you are not on the right path. Take a selfie with your wife and post it on social media by also tagging her. Write how the dal chawal that she prepared for dinner was one of the refreshing ones for your tummy. Think how much she will start blushing when she gets the attention even from your online social circle. It really would make a difference.

3) Give her the freedom to live:

If you are a husband who is very specific about what your wife wears, talks to, or does when you are away from work. Then really you are a kind of a dictator who is spoiling your own relationship. Just chill and give her the freedom to live like a queen. This will reduce her low self-esteem and also make her feel good because she has got all the rights and even the voice to lead her life beautifully while she does all that she can to assist you in living better.

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