How to plan your future with your college girlfriend

RelationshipHow to plan your future with your college girlfriend


If you are lovers from college, then I am sure you would really know each other quite well. It is because during college days, couples if they are from the same batch or class or department, they get a lot of time to spend quality time together. If you are in a serious relationship with your girlfriend who is from the same college, here are some ways you can make her feel more loved:

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1) Think about your future objectively:

In order to first think about your future as a couple, you first need to have clarity of what you really want to do in your life. You cannot keep your girlfriend hanging up by not having a plan in place after your graduation. Whether you want to go for further studies or take up a job or move out with your girlfriend and live separately are some questions you need to first think about in-depth. Once you are clear with how you see your future, you can discuss the same with your girlfriend who will have her own perspective about her future as well.

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2) Put things in a subtle manner:

Now if you plan to move abroad for your future studies, make your girlfriend understand that moving away from the country doesn’t mean you will have a fling or affair with someone else. You need to give her the assurance that you will still come to meet her and live with her for some days during your college holidays. You can also explain things if you are taking up a job in another state and your girlfriend wants to stay back in the same place. 

3) Take parents’ approval:

You need to tell your parents and her parents about your relationship even if it is just a few months old. Like you cannot keep your parents in dark about your relationship if you are really serious with your girlfriend. There will be serious questions from her parents’ side about your finances and immediate future plans. You will also get taunted if you come from a middle-class family than your girlfriend. But remember these are just passing phases and you shouldn’t mind being firm with your relationship with your girlfriend. Assuring her parents that you will take care of her and lead a good future is your job.

4) Make emotional investment a priority:

As much as financial investments done by both of you are required for a good future, same way, investing emotionally in the relationship by prioritizing each other’s needs and families’ welfare will make the relationship work for the long-term. It is not you and your girlfriend anymore if you make things official in your social circle and among your relatives. You need to have a clear plan of which year you would want to get married and start a family is also a keen topic of discussion for both of your parents. So, instead of “ho jayega” attitude, make things work for both of you and create a beautiful future.

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