What is Fascination?

Concept of the DayWhat is Fascination?


Fascination has different words with meanings such as Passion, fantasy · idea, and imagination, among others. Fascination means fascinating someone, the quality of being extremely interested, and a sort of irresistible attraction. For example, when a girl went to the watch repair shop to get her old watch repaired, she was fascinated by how the man at the shop quickly fixed her watch and gave it back. 

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Another example is when a woman wore a six-yard saree for the first date lunch that she was supposed to do with a man whom she met at a matrimonial website, the man looked fascinated at her attire. He got this attraction to the woman whom he met for the first time and he decided to get married to her no matter what. 

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When an employer introduced the job description and benefits of the Managing Director job role to his top-performing employees, they were fascinated by the job so much that they wrote really great applications with amazing recommendations for the new job. Their fascination grew no bounds when the employer shared that the job role was open to internal candidates first and then only external candidates.

Fascination is a powerful attraction that binds two people or things together. For example, when Bollywood superstar Salman Khan posted a selfie on his Twitter handle after a really long time in a black shirt, his fans were extremely delighted and enchanted by the post. His fans and followers commented with heart emojis and also wrote how fascinating the superstar looks even at the age of 57. 

After the seminar, the attendees were so fascinated by the motivational speaker’s speech that they immediately reported to their workplace to start working on their new project. The employer found the motivational speaker to be quite fascinating and enchanting and thus, he hired him as the external consultant for the company. 

Some qualities that you can learn to become a fascinating person include: becoming active and interested in whatever you do. Being happy and spreading happiness with others, cracking jokes, and also adding humor angle to serious situations can make you look happy and at peace. Thus, you will attract more positivity around you because happiness is a magnetism. Be really passionate about your topic of discussion or the work that you do. For example, when a man spoke in detail about how he overcame the struggles of life and created a fortune from a class 10 certificate, it reflected in his speech and behavior about his passion for his own life. His success story really fascinated several of the listeners who learned how to work hard and also create their own fortune.

Some people get fascinated by natural things like flowers, trees, and waterfalls and they get themselves feeling awe about the same. They get fascinated by NATURE so much that they even travel often to remote and natural places. They write fascinating stories about how they feel loved and relaxed when they visit NATURE. Their passion for nature attracts them to like-minded people who work in the same industry.

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