How to build a strong connection with your partner? 

RelationshipHow to build a strong connection with your partner? 


How to build a strong connection with your partner? 

Relationship Tips: It’s easy to lose that unique connection with your beloved that makes you feel at ease with him or her as you go about your daily routine, day after day, month after month. If you haven’t spent enough time with your partner recently, you will notice that you are becoming emotionally distant, which is not a pleasant sensation. The value of ‘we time’ is no less important than that of ‘me time.’

There are various methods to deepen your relationship with your partner and include them in your learning journey. One of them is trying something new or sharing a mutual interest. Additionally, set aside time each day to speak and share your emotions and anxieties. Take time to clear up any misunderstandings that are preventing you from engaging with each other.

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Vulnerability training: Share your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and anxieties. Show them who you are, not who you believe they want you to be.

Together, try something new: Get to know one another by exploring the world, playing together, and maturing together.

Know your partner: Stop believing you know everything there is to know about a person and start being curious. Continue to be curious and let them show you who they are and who they are becoming 

Face conflict with empathy and openness: Concentrate on getting to know and connecting with the other person. Don’t avoid your conflicts, solve them with your open mindset. 

Give non-physical compliments: Tell your partner what you respect and enjoy about them. It will make them feel noticed and valued.

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When you make a mistake, apologise: Accept responsibility for your words and deeds. If you hurt your partner, make sure to apologise.

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